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Last Act Entertainment is an independent production company located in Los Angeles. The company is dedicated to producing quality movies on a low budget. With an extensive team of professionals in place we can take a production from conception to completion on a very low budget.

The feature film "The Last Act" a screenplay by Ronald Quigley, was done on a limited budget of about $190k, and is now in distribution with Russia pay per view already sold.  We are currently in pre-production and raising funding for two projects, our second Feature Film “Bad Species” a Psychological Thriller and  Malory & Nicole a short film slated to shoot in September 2013.

With the advent of high-def cameras, expensive film is no longer a prerequisite. The Internet, straight-to-DVD, and Video On Demand have made low budget films very attractive to Producers and Investors alike. This concept is only in its infancy and as more independent production companies get involved the sky is the limit. Low budget high quality movies are the wave of the future. Movies that once languished as just scripts sitting on someone’s shelf, can now be made for a fraction of the cost.  To that end we are now in pre-production for “Malory & Nicole”.


Bad Species


The economy has imploded.  Mike Malone a man in his early  fifties  works as a foreman for a construction company, Mike is laid off, and against his better judgment decides to get involved in a drug rip-off...

After analyzing the modern human race, a demented serial killer realizes that modern social technology and technology in general has influenced us in a way that is detrimental to our survival and it induces a rage that makes him kill.

The Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival is Pittsburgh's own film festival for truly independent films, and a headline event for micro-budget and no-budget films in the USA. PIIF offers a fantastic opportunity for undiscovered filmmakers to showcase their achievements...

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We are currently in Pre- production for Malory & Nicole.  We are trying to raise funds, in anticipation of shooting principle photography is Sept 2013

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