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Bad Species


Log Line: Has technology advanced too far?


Festival Synopsis: After analyzing the modern human race, a demented serial killer realizes that modern social technology and technology in general has influenced us in a way that is detrimental to our survival and it induces a rage that makes him kill.

Synopsis: Feeling that society has lost it's way as a result of modern social media, a demented serial killer decides to teach the younger generation a lesson, and in the process cleans the world of the nimble minded masses. He lures his victims by systematically placing cell phones is public places and calling it until someone answers.  They in turn become the next victim.


The Setting:  Rural College Town Pennsylvania.

The Players: 

Professor Jennings, Local college professor. The most popular professor on campus.

Lannie, a beautiful young girl caught in the middle of a serial killers revenge Maggie, a beautiful young girl caught in the middle of a serial killers revenge

Geek, College IT Project Manager who get intrigued by a string of serial killings

Williams, Misfit student caught in the middle of a serial killers revenge.

www: Psychotic serial killer who is convinced he has been summoned to this world to cleans it of the bad species.

Det. Logan, a smart young detective trying to solve a string of murders  committed by a serial killer. 

Agent Devlin, Senior FBI agent trying to solve serial murders.


(Additional Casting Call During Preproduction)

Professor Jennings- Ronald Quigley

Lannie- Name Talent

Maggie- Name Talent

Brandon- Name Talent

Det. Logan- Adam Ward

Agent Devlin- Name Talent

Note: Name Talent will be hired on a per day basis at slightly above SAG scale approximately $3K to $5K per day and usually shot out in 3 to 5 days

There will be several other actors hired and they will fill the parts of the victims. Most will be shot out in two to three days.  When casting these parts we will be looking for a few young actors on the up tick who could possibly sign a major deal in the near future, thus bringing name value to our project. Most will be signed at SAG ultra low budget scale. All other victim parts will be hired as Non union Talent.

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